December 13, 2023

Forum South BangaloreUnveilsDazzling 50-Feet Swarovski's Tree of Wonder

Inspired by the success of the Swarovski Christmas tree activation worldwide, this sparklingholiday season, Forum South is delighted to announce the unveiling of Swarovski'sspectacular 'Tree of Wonder'. This magnificent creation stands at an impressive 50 feet,adorned with a unique design using the brand's iconic octagon shaped gift boxes.

The octagon, a symbol of rebirth, infinity, and transition, holds special significance forSwarovski as it mirrors the brand's journey. Comprising eight facets, the octagon effortlesslyties into the world of Swarovski, where facets are masterfully owned. The association withjewellery is immediate, enhancing the tree's allure and connecting it to Swarovski's expertisein the world of crystals.

The tree is composed of octagon-shaped boxes, each radiating with five distinct colours thatdefine the brand's identity. These colours carry symbolic meanings, reflecting the essence ofSwarovski:

Swan White: The essence of Swarovski, representing pure crystal.

Green: A serene hue embodying the natural world and the origin of Swarovski'sproducts.

Baby Blue: Symbolizing water and energy, driving forward-thinking.Yellow: Radiating positivity and warmth, the unapologetic and bold colour of the sun.

Pink: A welcoming and soft colour, expressing the genderless aesthetic of Swarovski.

Under the theme "Celebrate Wonder," Swarovski invites everyone to embrace the power ofcrystals, igniting self-expression and providing an opportunity for everyone to shine duringthe holiday season.

From now till the end of February 2024, join us in celebrating the wonder with a festiveselection of stellar gifts and mesmerizing adornments. There will be a guess and win contestawith an array of exciting prizes that promises to bring joy for the entire festive season.

Chief Executive Officer - Retail, Prestige Group, V. Muhammad Ali, expressed, "Today is acelebration as we unveil India's grandest Christmas Tree from Swarvoski, right here at ForumaSouth Bangalore. Our commitment is to enrich the lives of our customers by providing extraordinary experiences that go beyond shopping. This collaboration with Swarvoski is atestament to such pursuit. We are thrilled to join hands with Swarovski and feel privileged topresent a special Christmas décor, curated exclusively for the vibrant Bangalore audience."